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Discovering the Jewish cemetery in Wrzeszcz & Evaluation meeting

A meeting inaugurating a series of activities aimed at restoring the memory of the Jewish cemetery in Wrzeszcz.

Synagogue in Gdańsk (uPartyzantów 7)


We invite you to participate in the first of a series of meetings and activities aimed at restoring the memory of the Jewish cemetery in Wrzeszcz. Although the cemetery is picturesquely located on the walking route of the city's inhabitants, there are few material traces to identify it in the field. Our goal is to change this through joint educational, social and creative activities.

The first of the series of meetings will be introductory. It will consist of a film screening titled: “The Bevel of Light” (2021, directed by Wojciech Szumowski) and meetings with the team of the Zapomniane Foundation and the Rabbinical Commission for Cemeteries at the Office of the Chief Rabbi of Poland. During the meeting, we will talk about the importance of the cemetery in Judaism, why it is important to mark its boundaries in the field and what are the expectations regarding how to move around it.

The event is organized by the Zapomniane Foundation together with FestivALT, the Zclosenia Culture Foundation, the Formy Wspólne Foundation and the Palma Foundation in cooperation with the Jewish Religious Community in Gdańsk.

The meeting accompanies the second evaluation meeting of the NeDiPa project, which will be attended by representatives of partner organizations and invited collaborators and other stakeholders.

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