30.01.2024 & 06.03.2024 & 28.03.2024

Memory Activism and Advocacy


Join us for an enlightening webinar series dedicated to memory activism and advocacy in Poland. Throughout this series, we will delve into the vibrant landscape of memory activism, shedding light on specific initiatives in Upper Silesia and beyond. Our discussions will explore the vital role of memory activists in shaping narratives, preserving heritage, and advocating for social justice.

One of the highlights of the series will be the presentation of the first-ever qualitative report on Memory Activism in Poland. This groundbreaking report offers invaluable insights into the strategies, challenges, and impact of memory activism initiatives across the country. Through in-depth analysis and case studies, we will uncover the diverse approaches employed by activists and examine their effectiveness in promoting remembrance and reconciliation.

Whether you are a seasoned activist, scholar, or simply interested in the power of collective memory, this webinar series promises to be an engaging and informative journey. Join us as we explore the dynamic intersection of memory, activism, and advocacy, and discover how grassroots initiatives are shaping the narrative of Poland's past and present.

  • Webinar 1

    • 18.30

      Remembering Upper Silesia

      • Miłosz Markiewicz
      • Karolina Jakoweńko
  • Webinar 2

    • 18.30

      Memory of Silesia and its Cultural Representations

      • Zbigniew Rokita
  • Webinar 3

    • 18.30

      Memory Activism in Poland

      • Katarzyna Fereniec-Błońska
      • Marta Sala
      • Katarzyna Sala
      • Agnieszka Jabłońska
      • Aleksandra Janus
Remembering Upper Silesia
Memory of Silesia and its Cultural Representations
Memory Activism in Poland

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