Multidirectional Theatre?

Memory Studies Strategies and Creative Practices



In Michael Rothberg's book "Multidirectional Memory: Remembering the Holocaust in the Age of Decolonization" (2009, Polish edition: 2015), the concept of multidirectional memory is proposed, distinguishing between two opposing models of memory. Multidirectional memory, characterized by its pluralistic, negotiable, referential, and thus productive nature, contrasts with competitive memory, based on the logic of a zero-sum "struggle to the death."

The category of "multidirectional memory" has been widely used in both foreign and Polish historical, memory, sociological, cultural, and theatrical analyses. Transplanted onto various grounds, multinational and transdisciplinary, this concept has proven useful not only in theoretical considerations but also in practical actions. Although it has sparked polemics, reformulations, and supplements, it has certainly inspired critical reflection on memory dominants, models, and practices.

  • Webinar 1

    • 18.30

      Multidirectional Theatre - Memory Strategies and Creative Practices

      • Katarzyna Bojarska
      • Łukasz Chotkowski
      • Michael Rubenfeld
      • Michał Zadara
      • multidirectional memory
      • inclusivity
      • dialogue
  • Webinar 2

    • 13.45

      Art and Multidirectional Memory Actions

      • Józef Legierski
      • art
      • memory
      • activism
  • Webinar 3

    • Theatre and Commemoration

      • Józef Legierski
      • Theatre
      • Awareness
      • Memory


Multidirectional Theatre - Memory Strategies and Creative Practices
Art and Multidirectional Memory Actions
Theatre and Commemoration

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