November 8th, 2023

Raising Awareness Through Arts: Chevra Tehilim

Group consultation about a difficult heritage site

ul. Sebastiana 36


A pivotal consultative meeting will be convened to deliberate on the destiny of the esteemed former Beit Midrash Hevra Tehilim at 18 Meiselsa Street, Krakow. Steeped in history and cultural significance, the Beit Midrash stands as a testament to the vibrant Jewish heritage of the region.

Constructed in 1896 under the visionary design of renowned architect Nachman Kapald, the Beit Midrash was a beacon of spiritual solace and communal gathering. Its grandeur, with halls capable of accommodating hundreds, mirrored the fervent devotion of its patrons. However, the ravages of war left scars on this architectural gem, its sanctity shattered by destruction.

Restored to the Jewish Religious Community in Krakow in 2001, the Beit Midrash underwent a series of transformations, from housing the Krakowiacy ensemble to serving as a gastronomic and entertainment venue. Despite its designation as a historic monument, commercial pursuits overshadowed its sacred past, triggering concerns of cultural appropriation and trivialization.

Since 2015, concerted efforts have been underway to revive awareness of the Beit Midrash's historical, cultural, and religious significance. From solemn psalm readings to public discussions, the community has rallied to reclaim the narrative of this venerable space. Artistic interventions, such as the poignant reconstruction of a destroyed wall fragment, have ignited conversations and stirred emotions, prompting reflection on the building's profound legacy.

As we convene for this consultative meeting, we stand at a crossroads, tasked with charting the course for the Beit Midrash's future. With stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we seek to honor its heritage while embracing its potential as a catalyst for cultural dialogue and renewal. Together, we envision a path that respects the sanctity of the past while embracing the dynamism of the present.

Join us as we embark on this journey of remembrance, reconciliation, and revitalization, ensuring that the spirit of the Beit Midrash Hevra Tehilim endures for generations to come.

  • Consultative Meeting

    • 17.30

      Raising Awareness Through Arts: Chevra Tehilim

      • Lena Rubenfeld
      ul. Sebastiana 36
Raising Awareness Through Arts: Chevra Tehilim

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