19 April 2023

Series of events accompanying the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Campaign


UMF organised a series of 5 NeDiPa events accompanying the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Campaign (Akcja Żonkile - Daffodils Campaign) open to the general public in Wrocław and Lower Silesia, especially youth and aimed at raising awareness through lectures, volunteering and arts about the history and fate of fighters and civilians of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The series was part of a wider national-wide scale educational campaign organised by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews - POLIN commemorating 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

A series of five events including:

1) Meeting with students of the Wroclaw Medical University, 13.04.2023.
The meeting was organised at the Faculty of Humanistic Medical Sciences by Dr Agata Strządała, specialising in medical and research ethics, bioethics as well as in history of culture and science. The topic of the conversation tied to the NeDiPa series was “Ethical dimension of medical experiments on human subjects during WWII”.

2) “Stories from the Warsaw ghetto in biographical context”, 14.04.2023.


Part 1: Genealogical search of descendants - a meeting with Marta Maćkowiak moderated by Ula Rybicka (Fundacja Żydoteka). The speakers presented less known stories of ghetto survivors, the way they dealt with the heavy emotional baggage they carried and where to find their testimonies.

Part 2: "Unfinished lives - the art and biographies that connect us" - a meeting with Bente Kahan and Katarzyna Taczyńska moderated by Kamilla Biskupska. The conversation was focused on the presentation of an artistic project - an exhibition organised by Bente Kahan Foundation.

3) “History, experience, memory - Holocaust in Warsaw and Breslau / Wrocław”, 16.04.2023.


Part 1: Lecture titled Jewish memory, Polish memory, common memory? How after the WWII memory about Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was created by Tamara Włodarczyk. The first lecture presented the ways the Jewish survivors, Polish government and other organisations across the world commemorated the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Part 2: lecture titled Was there a ghetto in Breslau? Persecution of German Jews in ‘30s and ‘40s of XX century by Monika Piechota. The second lecture was focused on the situation of German Jews before WWII as documented firsthand by the author of memoirs, W. Cohn.

4) Drawing “Daffodil meadow” in from of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising monument in Wrocław. 19.04.2023
The initiative was organised together with an activist Agata Ganiebna for pupils from the former Szalom Alejchem Jewish primary school. The former pupils successfully encouraged passersby to join them in their effort of drawing yellow daffodils on the pavement with chalk.

On that day, POLIN & UMF volunteers were commemorating the uprising anniversary by handing the passersby the paper daffodils - the symbol of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The event was part of the whole year commemoration effort organised by POLIN Museum in Warsaw.

5) Informative meeting with students from High School no XV in Wrocław at State Archives in Wrocław, 20.04.2023
The students listened to a lecture by Monika Piechota about persecution of Jewish community in Breslau during the interwar period. They then took part in an online meeting with Tamar Cohn Gazit - the granddaughter of historian Willy Cohn - who presented the topic more in detail.

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