21 March 2023

Memory and Halakha (event in Polish)

How to commemorate the place and preserve Jewish law?



The webinars will focus on the relationship between commemorating and creating places of memory and the regulations contained in Jewish law. Knowledge of guidelines arising from Jewish religious provisions regarding burial places is essential for honoring the deceased while still insufficiently known. Is it permissible to set up a toppled tombstone, pull weeds in the cemetery, or move human remains? What are the differences between war graves and traditional ones? How to mark burial places?

  • Part One

    • 18.30

      How to commemorate a place and uphold Jewish law?

      • Aleksander Schwarz
      • Memory
      • Halakha
      • Care
  • Part Two

    • Green Commemorations and Halaktha

      • Józef Legierski
      • Memory
      • Nature
      • Jewish Law


How to commemorate a place and uphold Jewish law?
Green Commemorations and Halaktha

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