Difficult Heritage Remembrance Framework


DIFFICULT HERITAGE REMEMBRANCE FRAMEWORK was created as part of the “NeDiPa: Negotiating Difficult Pasts” project. The project has been exploring and building on the experiences of three Jewish organizations active in Poland and beyond: the Zapomniane Foundation, FestivALT and the Urban Memory Foundation and upon the initiatives of local communities, local activism, and research through a series of nearly thirty physical and virtual events organized in five categories. These are: commemorations, conferences, community building, public events, and online educational training. We included the most current approaches from memory studies, environmental protection, heritage preservation, and community organizing, involving a variety of stakeholders such as citizens (especially youth), non-governmental organizations, research centers, local authorities, law-makers, educators, architects, artists, and more.

DHRF is an online resource that enables easy access to knowledge (including crucial terms and concepts from the field of heritage & memory studies), consisting of a toolkit and guidelines addressed to various stakeholders, including: memory activists, heritage professionals, local and national authorities & policy-makers, teachers and educators.

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